By Admin on 31st August

When you go to the doctor with certain symptoms, sometimes basic diagnostics and bloodwork will still leave the physician without a solution to your problem. Additional test may need to be run and often this requires some type of internal scanning. Ultrasound and CT scans are the basic methods used and both are in open spaces. If an MRI scan is used, you would normally find yourself enclosed in a rather tight and small space for the lengthy duration of this scan. People with claustrophobia can become very panicked and agitated in this situation.

Fortunately, mri orlando clinics are available with a version of the scan called “open MRI”. Instead of the standard, fully closed space of a regular MRI, you can have the scan performed in an open space. This allows people with fear of small, enclosed spaces to have a relaxed scan without the use of any sedatives. Usually medical technicians need patients to stay alert during the scan for different reasons. As a result, even mild sedation can compromise the scan.

If you are prescribed an MRI, it is important to understand how this scan is necessary. CT scans and ultrasound do not show internal organs and bones completely. Only an MRI can detect hidden health problems that other scans will not find. Naturally, you want to find out any problems before it is too late, so there is no option to avoid the scan just because you are afraid of small enclosed spaces.

The good news is that you can go to an open MRI clinic in the Orlando area and still have the full quality of the MRI scan without the tight space. In the past, these machines were not available. Insurance plans still cover open MRI scans if they cover the closed version. It is the same test but it is no longer necessary to squeeze you into a tight space for proper medical care.

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