By Admin on 31st August

Oral cancer can arise in a person for many different reasons. It can be caused by a weak immune system and sometimes other types of cancer that have spread to the oral tissues. Regardless of the cause, all doctors will agree that the earlier oral cancer is identified, the easier it is to treat and cure. This is when regular oral cancer screening comes in to save the day. Considering the main causes of this type of cancer, look at personal habits; for example, if you are a regular tobacco and alcohol user it is vital to have oral cancer screening.

Some of the most common causes of oral cancer involve substance abuse. Granted, not all cases are caused by this, but it is important to consider lifestyle habits when addressing the possibility and diagnosis of the cancer. Tobacco use from cigarettes, dip and snuff, and cigars are shown to be carcinogenic and do often lead to oral cancer and other types of cancer. Alcohol abuse is another culprit. If you are a regular tobacco and alcohol user, it is vital to have oral cancer screening wareham has available to you in the area.

Getting a highly skilled and experienced family dentist will be the first step to identifying oral cancer. Your regular check-ups should include this screening if there is a family history or an issue with alcohol and tobacco. If something is identified, a biopsy may be performed to make a clear diagnosis. With treatment initiated in the earlier stages of oral cancer, recover rates are much higher than cases which are left untreated until later stages.

As you get older in life, be sure to have oral cancer screening twice a year, especially if you are at risk. Also understand that effective treatments are available and you can achieve a normal, healthier life again.

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